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Aster Tailor offers expertly tailored products for Men and Women.
                              Discover a wide range of formal shirts, business suits and ties as well as casual wear spanning jackets, trousers, weekend shirts, chinos and sleep wear.

It is always our innate desire to look good and feel good not only on the special occasions of life but every single day. Aster Custom Tailor Hong Kong, present to you with the finest range of bespoke fashion outfits from suits to shirts, blazers to tuxedos and topcoats to leather jackets making you soak in the luxury of pure fashion.

This is your Tailor from Hong Kong. To serve you better we will be in Singapore for our Sales Trip. We carry lot of sample swatches for suit & shirts Below is our Tour Schedule to see when we will be in your city. You are most welcome to come to our Hotel Room where we display of all our fabrics & patterns. Please note the rooms will be registered under the name of Mr. MICHAEL KESWANI. We are pleased to inform you that Michael, your personal tailor from Aster Tailor Hong Kong is coming to Singapore from 20th March till 22nd March 2019.

City Dates Hours Hotel Name & Address Contact Person / Phone No. Schedule


20th March

21&22 March

(on 20th March 2.00pm -8.00pm)

(on 21st March 10am to 8pm, on 22nd March 10am to 6pm.)

Novotel Singapore

Clarke Quay 177A River Valley Road SINGAPORE
Tel :+65-6338-3333

Micheal keswani , +852 2366 3677