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Aster Tailor offers expertly tailored products for Men and Women.
                              Discover a wide range of formal shirts, business suits and ties as well as casual wear spanning jackets, trousers, weekend shirts, chinos and sleep wear.

Best selling products

Bespoke Suit
Suits in a vast range of fabrics at different prices
Bespoke Shirts
Our Shirts are both flattering and comfortable
Unlimited personalization options in terms of pleats, plain front and more
Available in extravagant patterns and bright colours
Your signature style is – classic or modern; we've got you covered
Our collection of custom blazers features our style guide of modern pieces to blazers your every whim
Worn on top of your custom made suits and shirts, our topcoats are made to fit you perfectly
It contrasts beautifully with the traditional suit colours like black, grey and navy.

Clients Testimonials

Hugo , Perfect

Michael, Good day. When will you be going to the LA area? My friends Swee and Jamshed might want to take a look at what you have.

David , Simply the best

I just tried on my new suit and it fits perfect along with my shirt. I’m super impressed. I really like how you sewed my name into my jacket and pants. Nice touch. I look forward to my other suit and shirts.


When are you due in Sydney next? In the market for some more shirts and probably a suit or two.


Could you please add Xander to your London email list so that he can come see you when next in London?